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home decorationThere is a saying, home sweet home. We always mean our home to be a sweet place. Our home place is always a sweet place to us. We try to make our home beautiful and well decorated. People always think to make their home the best one. If we want to live in a beautiful place then we need to decorate that well. We will feel like heaven in our home if that is well decorated. It is our nature to be looked beautiful. For this purpose we go to interior designers and architectures. They have the idea how to make our home look good. But we can also have some ideas from this post and make a plan how can we make our own home beautiful.home decoration1






Home decoration ideas

We always need to have some ideas about our home decoration. Without ideas we can not make it good. home decoration2To make a home beautiful we need to think about a lot of things.

Such as,

  1.  The place of the home,
  2. The area it has taken,
  3. Total square feet space of the home,
  4. Direction of it’s front side,
  5. It has a belkani or not,
  6. It has a playing ground or not,
  7. How much storied building it is,
  8. The roof is teen shed or plastered,
  9. How many rooms are there in that home,
  10. What will be the color of the home, etc.

IFMoreover, we need to make a list of things we’ll add in our home. A well decorated home includes all the things which will remain in that home. The furnitures are also part of home decoration. You should chose some good looking furnitures for your home. Color management is a vital factor for a home. If you want to  make your home beautiful, you must select some good colors for your home. You can use two or three or four colors in your home. But one thing you must remember that tha color must have a good combination. You can buy furnitures according to the color of your home. Color is the thing which other people will see first. You can use light color in the outer side of your home. Buy something which will also last for long time and save you from sunray and rain.home decoration4






Room decoration

room decorationOur room is our heaven. We feel safe and peace in our room. Our room is the place where we spent most of the time. So, we must make our room beautiful. To have a beautiful room we need to keep some simple things in mind. First of all we should think about the color of the room. Color can make a room gorgeous. You can chose two or three colors for your room but the colors should have a good combination to look good. The furnitures also should be according to your color of room.room decoration1





Room decoration games

room decoration2To spent good time in home some plays game. There are a lot of girl games about home decoraion and room decoration. In these games you can make beautiful home designs, room designs, color management etc. moreover it will give you pleasure. If you are a girl then you’ll definitely like these games. We are giving you some links of games which you’ll like.room decoration3




www.kibagames.com › Girls






www.roundgames.com › Girl Games

Just copy the url and have fun.

 room decoration4

Everybody wants to live in a beautiful place. And for that you need to decorate it first. room decoration5When your decoration is finished you’ll feel awesome inside your home. It will give you a heavenly feeling. We wish you all the best to decorate your home beautiful.

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